So the plan is to actually start using this blog to post about what I've been up to. Which means for the most part talking about all the shows I go to here in Toronto. And kickball. We can't ever forget kickball. I'm still running a little behind so the first show I'm posting about actually happened a few nights ago.
Friday night. Sneaky Dee's. Born Ruffians, Lullabye Arkestra and Spitfires & Mayflowers are playing. It's a good line-up to be sure but what made is special was that fact that it happened to be the birthday of the Spitfires & Mayflowers' bassist and fine coat connoisseur Andy Lloyd.


Pancakes are awesome

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My main man Mike heard I was down with the pancakes and decided to make his own. Good for him. But he doesn't know about my secret ingredient: Nestle Quik! Just add a good squirt to your batter and your pancakes will have a hint of chocotastic flavour. My other pancake secret: I use jam instead of syrup. True story.